KD Stable
202 Thomas Hill
Lee, Maine 04455

Ride with Pride

Celebrating 15 Years in

Operation Accident Free


        Only 15 minutes from Downtown Lincoln
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  For 15 Accident free years


It's About You

Whether you are interested in lessons, boarding or leasing a horse, I try hard to fit horse and riders combinations to aim for success.

     It's About Horses

  • Their courage
  • Their devotion
  • Their wisdom
  • Their trust
        It's About Horsemanship
             The relationship between a person and a horse.

               A relationship of trust, concern, care and respect between

             horse and rider. 

            It is building a Team. 
            A team of two working together
            to gain in training, wisdom,

            respect and the anticipation of the future.

          KD Stable

          202 Thomas Hill
          Lee, Maine 04455